February 7, 2016

Fast, Smart, Safe: How to Enable Firefox Browser on Your Mobile Device

Mozilla Firefox gets it: the future of mobile is now. Right now.

What’s not to get? The adoption rate for mobile users around the world is growing exponentially not only day by day, but moment to moment. When a business snoozes, it loses. Ever the innovative organization, Firefox continues to roll out mobile-centric invitations to its customers on all devices and platforms, knowing that even those who use standard browsers often do their surfing on the road, and that high browser performance and support is important to them.

The Mozilla team’s keeping their mobile messaging extremely simple. Its value-adds and benefits are immediately apparent: it’s Fast, Smart, and Safe. From day one, Mozilla has been more than transparent about its mission to keep your data safe, efficient and “Kaizen,” even taking a major competitor to task on more than one occasion for sketchy behavioral tracking practices.

No more industry jargon. Let’s just get to these benefits so you can start enjoying Mozilla on your mobile. What’s so great about it?

Benefits: Why Go Mobile?

  1. It’s Fast: Mozilla has optimized its browser startup and page load times specifically for the mobile user. They’ve created what’s called the “Awesome Screen,” which is shorthand for a mobile-friendly search bar. The name’s certainly catchy enough as long as the performance is there—which is it most certainly is.

    The Awesome Screen

  2. It’s Safe:  Go ahead and breathe your sigh of relief now. Mozilla’s extremely transparent about their privacy policy and lets you control the full scope of your site visits in terms of safety and security. There’s no hidden navigation here, and easy features like “Do Not Track” make feeling secure a no brainer.
  3. It’s Smart: also enabling quicker load times, Mozilla has implemented HTML5 functionality so that you can enjoy quicker page loading and easier offline browsing to combat those pesky broadband fees. It’s also got full desktop sync compatibility for, yes, folks on mobile devices. Nice!

Myriad other features abound for both iPhone and Android users. As their Android interface is fairly new, they’re marketing iPhone and Android features separately. Bear with them as they set their information in place. It’s all live now, so meanwhile, just turn that mobile on and check it out for yourself.

Firefox for Android / Mobile | Firefox for iPhone/Mobile


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